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LENNY x Rosehound Apparel

'Dismantle the Patriarchy’ Patch Set

In stock

Battling the patriarchy every day can get exhausting as heck, but with this Lenny x Rosehound patch collection, you can let everyone know what you’re up to. Bonus: Patches are a great way to meet like-minded peeps out in this crazy world!

Embroidery on 100% cotton twill fabric. Iron-on backing.

Approximate Measurements:
Lenny: 4" x 2"
Dismantle the Patriarchy: 2.25"
Female: 2.125" x 2.75"



Rosehound Apparel

Age: 26

Year Founded: 2013

Most embarrassing thing in your search history?

Maybe nothing embarrassing other than general self-diagnosis health questions "how do I know if I have low cortisol?" but "Where to rent a dunk tank", "Ariana Grande death scene scream queens" or "can cats eat soy" are for some reason buried in there.

Favourite candy?

I'm an old man when it comes to treats, so I usually go for wine gums, licorice all-sorts and candy corn.

Favourite thing to cook?

Burritos!  I eat them every day mostly.  Another perfect day means another perfect burrito.